People walk in life every day and have not one idea about what they want to do in life or why they are even here on this planet. I cannot speak for every other being on this planet but I can tell you that I am here on this planet to help people and to provide information to the world. I am an Artist. I write poetry to dancing to painting a beautiful mural of the ocean. My passion is fashion. I feel as if you can express yourself through the clothes and sneakers you wear.  

In 2012 I was a freshman at Fort Valley State University and I had 2 more months until the semester was other with. I had a test coming up and so I stepped out of my dorm for a few minutes to clear my head about the test. As I was walking around the campus, I start to think of ideas from listening to some music. At that moment I stopped and the phrase Getting Every Dollar popped in my head. Next were thoughts about having my own clothing such as shirts, hats, and other items. I rushed back to my room and opened my laptop. I sat on the laptop for hours coming up with different designs for the name. The name was a little too long so I shorten the name and called it GED.

Since then, the brand has become something bigger than I thought it would become. I’ve gotten negative and positive feedback from the clothing. Every day I create something different for the brand. Every day I grow smarter with making better business decisions and deciding on what to do next. Reminisce on the past. Know the present and focus on the future.